Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’ Brien has now threatened a Twitter user Rishi Bagree. The MP said he would mention the name of the Twitter user “inside Parliament” as he has done in the past when he mentioned of Rahul Raj as a troll.

This unprecedented intimidation took place after Bagree said Omar Abdullah preferred Mamata Banerjee as prime minister, which suggests a growing disillusionment with Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

Omar Abdullah met Bengal Chief Minister Banerjee at her office at Nabanna in Bengal. After the closed-door meeting when reporters asked about the Congress and its role in the Mahagathbandhan, Abdullah shied away from answering the question but suggested it would be wrong to pick and choose between the parties.

Rishi Bagree, a right-leaning Twitter user, insinuated even Rahul’s allies have no trust left in him. This seems to have infuriated O’ Brien so much that he not only called him “liar” and “cheat” but also threatened to “mention him” the next time in Parliament just the way Rahul Raj (who runs the popular Twitter handle Bhak Sala) was questioned by him on the floor of the House.

The Twitterati went up in arms. First, it was Bagree himself who took a dig at O’ Brien.

A handle named Ashwatthama cited media clippings to back Rishi Bagree. 

But some were brutal. ‘Rafale Gandhi’ tweeted a movie scene to get home the point.

Just as Atul tweeted this meme.

Delhi BJP Leader Tajinder Singh Bagga went a step further and said he would plaster the entire city with O’ Brien’s posters in retaliation to the threat.

Speaking to MyNation Bagga said, " I was quite taken aback at the threat issued by Derek O' Brien. If at all he has to pick up a fight, he should do it with his equals. In the next two to three days, posters carrying his tweet grab will be all across the Lutyens Delhi so that even other MPs know of the tactic used by him."

Many like Yo Yo funny Singh started a hashtag by the name of #DerekNoBrain

Talking about fake news, it is Derek O’ Brien who is believed to have called a press conference in 2016 where he displayed a picture of Rajnath Singh offering a laddu to CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat as a ‘proof’ of the growing bonhomie between the two parties that are ideologically at loggerheads. The image turned out to be morphed and both BJP and CPI(M) threatened him with legal action.