New Delhi:  About 17 lakh lawyers across the country from The Bar Council of India and all bar councils and associations of Delhi took the streets today. Judicial work in Delhi will most likely suffer a hit.

The bar council of Delhi stated that the protest is in connection with a joint meeting between the Bar Council of India and the state bar council that took place on Feb 2. The lawyers demanded better medical facilities, insurance and housing schemes in the meeting.

In an exclusive conversation with MyNation, advocate Pramila Nesargi said, "There has never been a day in the last 10 years when lawyers have come out to the streets in protest. We demand an advocate-clientele welfare fund and an equal distribution of work."

Nesargi also stated there is a rampant practice of retired advocates receiving several cases, while competent lawyers in service are left behind with hardly any. She also insisted on a welfare fund, "When a judge dies, how much is the compensation? These factors must be considered and a consolidated fund for the welfare of advocates must be created."

When asked about budgetary provisions, Nesargi stated that the lawyers will not be benefitted from these anytime soon as they will only come into force post elections. Chairman of the Bar Council in Delhi, Advocate KC Mittal stated that the budgetary provisions are made in state budgets and hence are limited to the respective state. Hence it will not applicable to lawyers across the country.

Pramila Nesargi went on to say that whether or not a response is received, the lawyers will continue to list out their demands. While the lawyers have several demands enlisted, Nesargi said that they are hopeful that at least most will be met, if not all. 

The lawyers’ march from Patiala House Court to Jantar Mantar, includes a media address by the BCI chairman, Manan Kumar Mishra.