New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Friday turned down Delhi government’s plea on giving preferential treatment to Delhi residents over non-residents at the GTB Hospital near Shahdara. 

The court was examining Aam Aadmi Party’s pilot project at the GTB Hospital to give preferential treatment to city residents. 

A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao said the proposal violates the right to equality and life enjoyed by others under the Constitution. 

An NGO had filed a petition challenging the circular. Earlier, the bench said it has noted the Aam Aadmi Party-led government's "difficulties" related to infrastructure, staff and facilities and will consider if these are valid grounds to deny others their rights under Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution.

Delhi government's senior standing counsel Rahul Mehra had told the court that no one was being denied treatment, access to tests or outpatient (OPD) facilities and the hospital was only prioritising whom to treat first.

He said the Delhi government-run hospitals have to prioritise in this manner, as it does not have as many funds as the central government has.

He added that the government was forced to take such a call as the huge influx of patients was putting pressure on its infrastructure and staff.

The bench on Monday had asked, "Who is responsible for this? The courts? Or is it mismanagement? If you cannot manage then stop the facilities."

Lashing out at the government, BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga said that the HC move is a big disappointment for AAP government.