New Delhi: Two GoAir employees have been arrested for allegedly posing as passengers and stealing a consignment of mobile phones at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, Delhi.

The accused, identified as Sachin Manav (30) and Satish Pal (40), were working as senior ramp officers at GoAir. 

The case came to light only after a manager of a cargo company complained on September 19 that their mobile consignment containing 53 phones was missing. 

“The manager said that his shipment had arrived by a GoAir flight G8-229 from Patna at Terminal 2 of the Delhi airport. The complainant mentioned that due to space shortage, a part of the consignment was shifted to the warehouse. It said that at the time of unloading the consignment in the warehouse, it was found that the shipment had only 30 bags and one bag which contained 53 phones was found missing,” said the Deputy commissioner of police (IGI airport) Sanjay Bhatia, according to Hindustan Times. 

After investigation, it was revealed that the men were responsible for unloading consignments in cargo. However, they put the bag on a conveyor belt and, like common passengers, walked out with it.

The police have also recovered eight stolen mobile phones from the accused residence and said that duo even confessed to have sold five more. 

However, tracking them down was not an easy task as CCTV footage from the cargo area was clear. It was only after the police conducted technical surveillance of the stolen mobile phones for days, they had an idea about their possible whereabouts. 

GoAir officials are yet to comment on the issue.