Muzaffarnagar: The majority and minority communities have come to loggerheads at Muzaffarnagar after a minor Dalit girl was molested by one Firoz in Alipur Aterna village of the district on Monday. Muzaffarnagar, it may be noted, has a history of being communally sensitive.

According to reports, not only was the girl allegedly molested on the outskirts of the village, but the family of the accused pelted stones on the victim’s kin, injuring three in the process.

Police said that a three-year-old girl, who was on her way to relieve herself in the fields outside the village, was dragged by Firoz into a cane field after which he molested her. Passers-by heard the screams of the victim and rescued her. They also nabbed Firoz.

Later, Firoz’s family went on a rampage and attacked the victim’s family.

As the matter threatened to turn into an ugly confrontation between the Hindu and Muslim communities of the village, the police arrested the accused and put in place a heavy contingent of personnel to avert any untoward incident.