New Delhi: Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, the policeman who got killed in the Bulandshahr violence, had said that the then Samajwadi party government had exerted pressure on him to change the meat sample that was seized from the scene in the Akhlaq case, Cobrapost reported

This revelation was made when Cobrapost had met with Singh months ago in view of lynchings across the nation in the name of cow protection. In that interaction, Singh had revealed that the then state government, headed by Akhilesh Yadav, had manipulated the outcome of the veterinary and FSL examinations.

Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched to death by a blood-thirsty mob on September 28, 2015. He was accused of killing a cow and consuming its meat.  18 arrests were made in the case; which Singh was investigating. But within 40 days before the inquest was complete, the officer was shunted out. The Akhilesh government was working behind the scenes and was arm-twisting the evidence. Singh did not budge under pressure and was hence transferred.

In his interaction with Cobrapost, here’s what else Singh revealed:

  • He was asked to ‘change the meat’ sample that was found from the scene. Singh claimed that the Samajwadi government had exerted pressure on the police and the vet to change the sample. 
  • Singh said that the government wanted to exchange the cow meat for buffalo meat. They had kept that meat in three jars. One was kept at the police station, the second was sent to the FSL and third was sent to the veterinarian. 
  • The doctor from Dadari Government Veterinary Hospital had also said in his report it was cow meat, he told Cobrapost, adding that the report which is given prima facia said that it was cow meat.
  • He also said that the doctor was later forced to change the report. Singh claimed that he had a copy of the original report with him.
  • Singh said that the then DM Nagendra Pratap Singh gave him that report. He returned the report but he got it photocopied before returning it.
  • The meat was exchanged during the night, he revealed. He said that one SDM, one CO, a doctor from FSL Mathura had also come. They had refused to return the meat sample.
  • Singh said that the DGP had asked him about his thoughts on the hide at first glimpse. He said that it was white, which proves that it was a cow.