Kannur: Kerala government has issued an order extending the parole duration of PK Kunjananthan, accused of murdering Revolutionary Marxist Party's (RMP) TP Chandrasekharan. The 10-day parole was extended to 25 days by the state police.

This was again extended for 15 days and later for five days. Kunjananthan was convicted on January 22, 2014, and was housed at the central prison, Kannur, since then. From May 25, 2015, to October 2018, Kunjananthan was granted parole for a whopping 389 days. The accused was also hospitalised for 45 days.

Earlier, UDF government, while in power, had opposed LDF leaders's demand to acquit Kunjananthan citing his ill health and old age.

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At the same time, KK Rema (TP Chandrasekharan's wife) had told the media that she would knock the doors of the high court if the state government attempts to acquit Kunjananthan.

Rema, who took over the reins of the party following her husband's death, and other party members such as those from the Congress and BJP continue to point fingers at chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

On May 4, 2012, AP Abdullakutty, who was state MLA after jumping from CPI(M) to Congress, narrated a 2008 incident detailing Vijayan's alleged statement to party leaders at an inner-circle meeting. This was during the time when TP Chandrasekharan was found dead.

 Then MLA said that Vijayan instructed his leaders to learn from party workers in West Bengal about the methods of eliminating political rivals by leaving no evidence.

However, claiming that there is some truth to this rumour, Shobhana Viswanathan, a native of Onchiyam, Kozhikode district, said, "Vijayan and his party members do not fear blood. His party is capable of killing their own worker if he or she stands against the leader's wish. That was one of the major reasons for TP Chandrasekharan's death."

 Let's not forget, Abdullakutty was expelled from CPI(M) in 2009 for not adhering to party ideologies.