Bengaluru: The sheer sight of blood spilled all over and body parts strewn around would melt the hardest of hearts. But politicians beg to differ. Take for instance, the Congress party.

Minutes after the deadly attack on nation’s soldiers, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress spokesperson tweeted this.

“Uri, Pathankot, Pulwama- the terror list and compromise of National Security by Modi Govt continues unabated (sic),” he wrote.

At a time when the entire nation should stand shoulder-to-shoulder, it was cheap, shocking and even shameful on the part of the Congress party to give such a statement.

However, AICC president Rahul Gandhi condemned the incident and issued a statement, expressing his support to the Narendra Modi government and armed forces.

“This is a terrible attack. This type of violence is disgusting. Terrorism tries to divide the nation, we can’t be divided by any power. The entire opposition is with security forces and the government,” Rahul said.

But truth to say, it has been a trait and tenet of the Congress to behave flippantly and arrogantly when it should be displaying some gravitas. The Modi government resorted to surgical strikes as retaliation to the Uri attacks.

This was indeed a much needed move, keeping in mind the disastrous effects of the attacks. But the Congress begged to differ. In fact, the Congress even downplayed the surgical strikes, attracting a lot of criticism.

“All these doubts were answered when Narendra Modi took a stand and said that a surgical strike will take place. It was only a matter of political will. We had a strong Army which was ready and prepared for the attack. It was important to show Pakistan that we know how to answer them and that we surely have the strength to” said BJP MP and actor Paresh Rawal.