At the time when India is having a bitter relationship with Pakistan, the post holders of the Congress are allegedly taking help of Pakistani social media soldiers. The revelation came after screenshots of WhatsApp groups went viral which has several chair holders of the grand old party as group admins and members. In the group, they can be seen discussing their strategy which also has Pakistani users.  

BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhua alleged, Congress party members are administrating WhatsApp group which has several users from Pakistan. He has shared the screenshot on Twitter where atleast five-person having their mobile number +92 (Pakistan country code) can be seen.

The screenshot shared by Nakhua shows national convenor of the Social Media Department of Congress, Hasiba Amin as the admin of the WhatsApp group - India Political Network.


In a series of tweet, Nakhua said, “Rahul Gandhi's Cong has appointed someone called Hasiba Amin as National Social Media Convenor. Now, this Ms Amin initiates formation of a whatsapp group called "India Political Network. (sic)”

He further wrote, “Would you believe this Whatsapp group has members from Pakistan too ? Here is the screen shot which clearly shows there are paki members in the whatsapp group run by National Social Media Convenor of Congress.

Running the hashtag #CongressPakistanBhaiBhai, Nakhua questioned Congress President Rahul Gandhi that will he explain what are Pakistani doing in the WhatsApp group where congress official post holders are admins and member?

Nakhua while speaking to MyNation confirmed that he has all the evidence to prove the authenticity of the screenshots. So far there is no reaction from the Congress.

Hasiba Amin was national secretary of National Students Union of India (NSUI). She has also appeared in Congress election ads, and given voice to party’s radio campaigns.