Yet another self-goal by the Congress on Friday, another faux pas as party’s MP Hussain Dalwai dragged Lord Rama and Sita into the triple talaq conundrum as the ruling BJP pushed the triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha.

In a controversial statement, which the BJP was quick to pounce upon, Dalwai likened the plight of Muslim women vis-à-vis triple or instant talaq to that of Goddess Sita who Lord Rama “left” after “doubting her”.

Asserting that women of all communities were under duress, Dalwai said, “Women are treated unfairly in all communities, not just Muslims, even Hindus, Christians, Sikhs etc. In every society, there is male domination. Even Shree Rama Chandra ji once left Sita ji after doubting her. So we need to change as a whole.”

BJP leader Shazia Ilmi tweeted: “If Mr Dalwai is so troubled by the plight of India women of all religions he should be talking about Uniform Civil Code instead of dragging Lord Rama! Afterall UCC talks about women of all faiths!”
Long time Rahul Gandhi-baiter and Congress rebel Shehzad Poonawalla also took a dig at the remark on Twitter. 

“First deny existence of Lord Rama Then become a Hindu during elections When it doesn't work declare Congress to be a Muslim Party to Inquilab And then say this to defend #TripleTalaq practice What is the reason to drag Shri Rama here?”
The remarks assume significance in so far it could add to the list of recent gaffes of the Congress, especially such as can be construed as being against the Hindu community, even as the 2019 polls approach.

Earlier, it was alleged that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had declared his party as that of Muslims. More recently, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, in his overzealous criticism of the Prime Minister, had insulted the traditional dress, and therefore culture, of the people of the north eastern states.