New Delhi: This is beyond shame for the nation and humanity. This is beyond the sick sexual urge that leads to rape, too. This is abnormal.

Just a day after December 16 when the country remembered Nirbhaya, a young girl who was subjected to the worst form of sexual predation that resulted in her death; news broke of a couple of men ruthlessly violating a street dog to satisfy their inhuman lust. According to a report by The Times of India, the dog was dragged for 3 km and raped. The incident that took place in Ghaziabad, a suburb near Delhi, has seen two arrests so far — Nafees and Tauseef. Both are residents of Ghaziabad. The gruesome nature of the sexual predation resulted in the canine's death.

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But this is not an isolated incident, neither is it a case of a certain geographic area. Be it Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh, Mewat of Haryana or Rajgarh of Madhya Pradesh, demented beings have shown time and again how they are the real animals. It may be Nafees and Tauseef this time, but that doesn't matter. It becomes Jaffar Khan in Nuh or Chhote Khan in MP. Names change; their ugly instinct doesn't.

When a pregnant goat was targeted 

Earlier in July, two suspects, both residents of Maroda village in Nagina, Nuh (earlier known as Mewat) of Haryana were arrested after being found guilty of raping a pregnant goat. The incident happened barely 73 km south of Gurugram, a city known for its glitz and sky scrappers. The two arrested were Jaffar Khan (22) and Saahukar Khan (21), who were among six others believed to be behind the heinous crime.
Both the Khans were truck drivers with long records of crime in the region. This case shocked many. So much so that animal welfare organisation PETA, as well as celebrities like John Abraham, raised their voice against the crime. After the arrests, the owner of the dead goat was quoted to have said, “I cannot forgive them for what they have done. The goat was like my child and was to deliver. I want them to pay me a compensation of Rs 1 lakh. Earlier, they had stolen another four goats that I owned."

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A cow too 

Earlier in August, news of another similarly shocking incident surfaced that put even the victim to shame. A cow was violated in Madhya Pradesh's Rajgarh area by two men belonging to the same community as the bestial rapists of Mewat.  A local businessman was returning home in the night of the nauseating crime when he saw Chhote Khan with his pajamas down, assaulting the cow sexually near the temple of Lord Rama in Ward No 6. The businessman, Mahesh Agrawal, said he had hurled abuses at Khan and reported what he had seen to some young people whom he found at some distance. The police arrested Khan and took him to custody. The cops registered a case against the suspect under Sections 295 and 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).