Young and budding actor Yogi from Karnataka was taken to task by Tamil Nadu journalists with regard to Cauvery river water sharing crisis but the actor stuck to his opinion that Cauvery is primarily for Karnataka.

Yogi is playing the protagonist in Tamil movie Parthiban Kadal. During a press event of the film, Yogi was asked about Cauvery issue.

To this, Yogi said, “Just because I have got an offer to act in Tamil movie, there is no question of any compromise with my love for Kannada or Karnataka related issues.”

“I have acted in a Tamil movie, but that doesn't mean I am anti-Karnataka,” the actor added.

When he was repeatedly asked about releasing Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu, Yogi posed another question to journalists and asked, “How to release water to Tamil Nadu when people of Mandya in Karnataka are facing scarcity of water.”

Speaking to Suvarna News, Yogi said that his first preference is for Kannada and Karnataka. Especially when it comes to land, water and language we are Kannadigas first, he declared.

Cauvery water sharing has been a reason of contention for decades between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In fact, Tamil actors including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan who are quite popular in Karnataka too had spoken vehemently against the state, alleging that it did not release water. This was followed by many actors including Vishal, Sathyaraj and others coming out in support of Tamil Nadu's plea for water.

On the other hand, Karnataka too saw protests and demand to understand the real situation where they said that the state doesn't have enough water for its districts and the release of water is not being stalled on purpose.

Even Kannada film stars came out and held meetings and protests stating how important Cauvery water is for the people of Karnataka.

This fight is more than five decades old and still there is no solution to it. Recently, Supreme Court had asked the Centre to form Cauvery Management Board, having representatives from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry where Cauvery water is used.

In this regard, Kannada actor Yogi's opinions on Cauvery water in Tamil Nadu caused quite a stir.