Bengaluru: The north Karnataka region comprising 18 districts are the most neglected in terms of development. From irrigation, health to transport and even basic needs, the people of the region have suffered due to government’s apathy.

Following the continuous neglect from the state government, the BJP opined that the sole reason for ignoring the region is the failure to implement DM Nanjundappa Committee report by the governments from 2013.

Former minister and BS Yeddyurappa's close confidante, Aravind Limbavalli pointed out that it was during Yeddyurappa's tenure as chief minister that a report prepared by DM Nanjundappa Committee gained some momentum.  However, things could not move forward as he had to step down in three years and later Congress formed the government in 2013.

"DM Nanjundappa, a noted economist prepared a report to cover regional imbalances. The report was submitted in 2002. No government took initiatives to implement the report which insists on sufficient budget allocation to north Karnataka districts as well. Our government took initiative but before we could implement we lost power. The Congress under Siddaramaiah neglected and the present coalition government is busy fighting for power," said Limbavali.

According to the report, the government needs to spend Rs 31,000 crore on developing all the backward areas.

"The development and budget allocation is limited only to three districts, Mandya, Hassan and Ramanagar which is the JD(S) bastion and hence they are not bothered to develop rest of Karnataka," rued Limbavali.

Refusing to buy the arguments made by the BJP, the Congress leaders said it was common for the opposition to make allegations regularly and show the government in bad light.

"Instead of talking about implementing the DM Nanjundappa Committee report and accusing us of limiting only to three districts, the BJP should first commit on implementing MS Swaminathan Committee report to power every farmer," said Kengal Renu, the Congress spokesperson.