New Delhi: BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay seems to be a man with a mission. Upadhyay has written not only to the Election Commission of India but also requested the Prime Minister to intervene in bringing down corrupt elements in an electoral democracy. 

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In an unusual move, in his letter to the chief election commissioner, he argued that the EC should ask all political parties to advertise details of criminal cases against the contesting candidates, with the description of offences (in which FIR has been lodged and charges have been framed). Upadhyay has further demanded that the combined value of his and his family's fixed and movable assets be mentioned compulsorily in bold and clearly readable font and colour in "at least thrice in top five national news channels and newspapers and state news channels & newspapers".

Not just that, Upadhyay demands that the "common man (ordinary citizen) does not understand the Sections of IPC and PCA etc. Therefore, banners, posters, hoardings, etc. must have a description of the offences viz. Section 302 IPC - Murder, Section 376 IPC – Rape. Section 498A – Cruelty and Section 8 PCA – Bribery etc."

Lawyer and Delhi BJP activist Upadhyay has chalked out seven demands in his three-page letter to the chief election commissioner that is in possession of MyNation. He says, its incumbent upon the CEC to follow up as no less than the Supreme Court has asked for the same in its judgment [WP(C) 536/2011]. He asked the commission to comply before the four states go for Assembly elections later this year. 

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Further, Upadhyay has written to the Prime Minister's Office, requesting PM Modi to bring an ordinance that would make this declaration by election candidates mandatory. 

The lawyer-activist argues, "Credibility is the life-blood of institutions in a democracy. Accordingly, a person who is under a cloud, should not be allowed to function, as it damages the faith of the people in the institutions. The presence of tainted people is the main reason for the deterioration in the credibility enjoyed by the institutions and therefore the time has come to make efforts to regain it."

Who should not be allowed to take part in electron democracy? How to avoid an abuse of the system once brought in by suggesting safeguards, the kind of charges that should disqualify somebody from taking part in the election? The BJP leader has given a comprehensive suggestion to the PMO. 

Why does he want the ordinance?

"Keeping in view the above stated facts and circumstances and to curtail growing trends of corruption, criminalization, Casteism, communalism and nepotism in impending Assembly Elections in Four States, Please take appropriate steps to make a law in spirit of the recommendations of the Law Commission of India (Report No 244) and Election Commission of India (Proposed Electoral Reform – 2016) in compliance of the Supreme Court Judgment in WP(C) 536/2011. This Matter needs urgent consideration. Therefore, please also consider the feasibility of bringing an ordinance in this regard," argued Upadhyay.

Whether the Prime Minister's Office or the Election Commission will listen to the BJP leader or not is a secondary matter. Upadhyay has surely sparked off a debate for the need of clean politics and politicians in India.