Bengaluru: In one of his last speeches in the Lok Sabha earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a very grave observation. He said that the hate for him had turned into hate for India, and blamed the Opposition for his sad and sudden change.

Well, it's fine to have differences of opinions. After all, in a healthy democracy, healthy criticisms help construct a country. But sadly, instead of criticising the policy, the policy-maker (Narendra Modi) has consistently been at the receiving end, says BJP.  And as shocking as it may sound, there were many tweets that indirectly pointed at the Prime Minister, as if to say, he had orchestrated the Pulwama attack as his popularity is tumbling and, in a bid to revive his popularity, he had to do something phenomenal in order to reverse the tides in his favour. As if this wasn’t enough, there were many instances reported from across the country wherein youngsters shouted pro-Pakistan slogans and even tweeted their congratulations to Pakistan for carrying out the Pulwama attack.

Go Madhusudhan, the Karnataka BJP spokesperson, said, “After demonetisation in particular, the politicians of this country have naturally become bankrupt because they were forced to deposit all their corrupt money through one of their bank accounts and also declare their wealth. The Benami Property Act has also hit these politicians hard, especially those who have made huge properties with their corrupt sources of income. So, all the Opposition politicians have gathered together to defeat Modi in 2019 at any cost. But to their bad luck, they have not been able to find a single black dot on the rule of Modi in the last five years. So in a haste to deplore Modi, the Opposition leaders have started to attribute the massacre of CRPF jawans as the failure of Modi's leadership. At this crucial juncture, this is most unbecoming of any citizen of this country. When the whole nation is standing by Modi like a rock, this act of Opposition leaders should be viewed as nothing else, but anti-nationalism.” 

What makes this allegation hold water is how former chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah openly issued a diatribe against Modi for his demonetisation earlier this week.

“Modi claimed that he had destroyed the backbone of terrorism with his surgical strike on black money. He also went on to claim that the terrorists across the border would not be in possession of fake currency. That being the case, how did the (Pulwama) attacks happen?” asked Siddaramaiah.

Ever since the 2002 Godhra riots in Gujarat, Modi has been receiving several affronts. The Opposition leaders and members of a particular community see a "devil in Narendra Modi". But what they forget is that by attacking him personally and calling him names, they are insulting the millions and millions of countrymen, who have voted for him, says BJP.