Purnia: A man in Bihar, after being attacked by a bullock, lodged a complaint against the animal in the local police station. The bizarre case was reported from a village called Sahabajja, which falls under the Jhunnee Kala panchayat in Purnia district.
According to the youth, who was identified as Dheeraj Kumaar Yaadav, the bullock attacked him and injured him with its horns when he went to defecate on August 20. The animal belonged to Bharatalal Yadav.

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Earlier, this bullock had attacked many others in the village. The panchayat’s head Kundan Krishna Mohan said that the bullock had injured 10-12 people in total. The panchayat also instructed the village priest to control the animal and prevent it from attacking. 

Dheeraj has now demanded action against the bullock, its owner and his family.  
At present, the bullock has been confined. In the complaint, five people, including owner Bharat Lal Yadav, have been named. The matter is currently being investigated.