The man who allegedly tortured and sexually abused 30 girls over a period of four years was seen grinning while being escorted by the police.

Brajesh Thakur, a 50-year-old politically connected owner of a shelter home in Bihar, was arrested on Saturday (28 July) after the girls accused him of sexual abuse and torture.

The charge sheet against the owner accuses him of torture and violence under various Sections of the law against child abuse.

Along with Brajesh, nine others have been charged in the document, which details a gang of politicians, administration, police and criminals exploiting and torturing the girls at home.

Spine-chilling accounts of sexual abuse, drugging, violence, torture and even allegations of murder have emerged from the shelter after the Tata Institute of Social Sciences made their research public in July.

The others allegedly involved in the crime include the home's caretaker, "Kiran Aunty", who sexually abused the girls often. The youngest who was raped at the home was a 7-year-old speech-impaired child.

It is alleged that Brajesh Thakur, who ran a local daily, Pratah Kamal, was a well-known person in Patna running several non-profit organisations and a member of many State-level media committees including the Press Information Bureau, the press accreditation and Bihar Assembly press committee.