Bhopal: Barkatullah University in Bhopal is all set to launch a new short-term course to prepare an ‘Adarsh Bahu’ (ideal wife) and believes that it is a step towards women empowerment. 

Vice-chancellor Prof DC Gupta explained the objective of the course is to “make girls aware so that they can adjust to the new environment after marriage”. 

The V-C added, “As a university, we have a few responsibilities towards society as well. We should not be limited to academics alone. Our objective is to prepare such brides who will keep families intact”.

It is a three-month course and will be started in the departments of psychology, sociology and women’s studies. 

Prof. Gupta, on the context of the syllabus of the course, said, “Our aim is that after completing the courses, girls should be in a better position to understand the dynamics of families. It is our effort to bring out a positive change in society”.

The V-C said that the first batch would accommodate around 30 students and they are still working on the specifics of minimum educational qualification.

Earlier, Kashi-based Vanita Institute of Fashion and Designs introduced a course on 'how to be an ideal daughter-in-law'.