Pathanamthitta: In 2007, Sabarimala was identified as a threat to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. In an attempt to save the two, the Kerala government brought out a plan that was to be monitored by the Forest Department and implemented by the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB). On Friday, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submitted the report on TDP’s inefficiency in doing the same.

The plan purposed by the government made TDB in charge of collecting, transporting and disposing waste at Pamba and Sannidhanan. According to the reports submitted then, the sanitation and solid waste management was becoming a hindrance. The CAG, during its investigation, found that the composting facility, sewage treatment plants and electrical supply lines were installed in a "careless manner" by the TDB. They failed to set up the composting facility at Pamba according to the guidance laid down by the plan.       

The most prominent mishap is seen in the way sewage treatment plant has been laid out, the report said. The two plants at Pamba and Sannidhanan were put in place. However, at Pamba, there is no drainage facility to carry water waste of the hotels to the plant. Similarly, the pipes at Sannidhanan were unconnected. The sewage pipes from the buildings near Kumbalamthoda to the plant at Sannidhanan were not linked, stated the report. This eventually led to the waste water at Kumbalamthoda reaching and polluting Pamba river, which animals visit often, said the report.  

According to the report, the underground electrical supply lines envisioned in the plan have been implemented without any concern for the plan or the pilgrims. These issues were raised by the CAG, which was accepted by the government. The forest department has not taken any action against the TDB’s "passivity". They have been asked to supervise the same though.