Pakistani spy agency ISI and its men have become a cause for major embarrassment for Pakistan due to the role of its affiliated personnel in cases of espionage in Bahrain, according to a report from the Indian agency RAW, submitted to the top security echelons in the country.

Already, the elections in Pakistan have come under international scrutiny because of the role played by the ISI and the Pakistan Army to push for the election of former controversial cricketer Imran Khan as the next Prime Minister.

“Restrictions have been imposed on issuing of fresh visas to Pakistani nationals due to their alleged role in espionage cases against Bahrain for the Iranian agencies working there,” a report from RAW says.

Sources in the agency said the step taken by the agencies there is significant as Bahrain has initiated action after taking inputs from Saudi Arab which is seen as the leader of the Sunni Islam following countries.

Sources said the restrictions on Pakistan by Bahrain would impact its standing in other countries in the region as well as they employ a large number of Pakistanis in their respective countries.

Two days ago, protesters in Rawalpindi carried out processions in front of the ISI headquarters shouting slogans against the terrorism spread by the agency and its cronies and its role in rigging polls in the country.

ISI has also been active in creating a bogey of Islamic State in Afghanistan to retain the interest of the global powers in the region so that it can blackmail them to serve Pakistani interests there and also continue to get heavy funding in the name of fighting against the terrorists.

Due to its support to terrorist elements in Pakistan including the Lashkar e Toiba and Jaish e Mohammed against India, several of its nationals have been blacklisted internationally and are on the most wanted terrorists’ list of global agencies.