New Delhi: Patanjali co-founder and yoga guru Baba Ramdev announced that he will build a university that “will be in the top 100 universities in the world”.

“We will give you a university that will be in the top 100 universities of the world. It is my duty to work for India and I will do that no matter what,” he said at the Republic summit. 

Speaking at the summit, Ramdev said that he wants to contribute something that will boost India’s economy. 

“India has unlimited opportunities, and our strength is also unlimited. We should channelise it,” he said.

Ramdev said that the whole world is chasing after organic and natural products. “They will all look at India,” he said, adding that he has shown MNCs that Patanjali has better products at half price.

“No country has the talent and emotion like that of India. For the world India is a market, but for us, India is our family first,” Ramdev said.