Former prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s health deteriorated on the eve of the 72nd Independence Day of our country and several leaders and ministers rushed to pay him a visit. The nation prayed and Twitter was flooded with wishes for his speedy recovery. He was admitted to AIIMS Hospital on June 11 after being diagnosed with severe kidney infection, chest congestion and low urine output at the age of 93. He died yesterday at 5.05 pm.

While the entire country is in grief, let’s cherish his achievements and recall some of the witty quotes from his scholarly basket.

1. Main Atal hoon.. Main Bihari bhi hoon (Addressing the rally in Bihar)

2. Kashmir ke bina Pakistan adhura hai - Pakistan minister

Reply: Pakistan ke bina Hindustan adhura hai - Vajpayee

3. BJP me ek Vajpayee ka dal hai, ek Advani ka dal hai - Rajat Sharma

Reply: Main koi dal me nahin hoon, main auro ke daldal mein apna kamal khilata hoon - Vajpayee

4. Padosi kehte hain ki ek haath se taali nahi bajti,humne kaha ki chutki to baj sakti hai! (Referring to terrorist camps in Pakistan)

5. Vajpayee toh acha hai par party theek nahi - Opposition in Lok Sabha

Reply: Toh ache Vajpayee ka aap kya karne ka iraada rakhte hain - Vajpayee

6. BJP bahut Ram ki baatein karti hai, par unmein koi Ram nahi hai. Mera Naam yun Ram hi hai - Ram Vilas Paswan

Reply: Paswan ji, ‘haram’ mein bhi Ram hota hain - Vajpayee

7. What message do you have tonight for Benazir Bhutto? - A reporter

Is there any harm if I send the message tomorrow morning? - Vajpayee

The intellect of Atal Bihari Vajpayee is unparalled, which led to the growth and development of India, during his tenure as the prime minister of the country. He is one of the most famous politicians and leaders of India, and shall always remain to be an inspiration to the folks of the country.