Meerut: Muslim family in Badarka village of Baghpat alleged that they were neglected by their own community members. On Tuesday, 13 of the 20 member in the family converted to Hinduism. 68-year-old Akhtar Ali is now Dharam Singh because his 28-year-old son Gulshan was reportedly murdered in July and he received no support from his own community or the police.

The family accuses Muslim community members of Nevada village for this murder. 

On Tuesday, at a local temple, Hindu Yuva Vahini activists conducted the re-induction ceremony, and they termed it as a case of ‘ghar-Warsi’. And this ceremony took place with Vande Matram that was sung.

The activists also claimed that this is not conversion, but reconversion. 

Dilshad turned Diler, Naushad became Narendra and Irshad is now Kavi, all three are sons of Akhtar Ali (Dharam Singh). 3 daughters-in-law, 4 granddaughters and 2 grandsons of his converted too.
According to Times of India, Akhtar Ali said, “My 28-year-old son, Gulhasan, was murdered in Nevada village of Baghpat on July 28 and his body was hanged to make it look like a case of suicide. I approached police a number of times and pleaded with my community members to testify in our favour, but nobody came forward.”
Ali is of the hope that justice will be delivered at least now.

On Monday, an application was submitted to the Baghpat sub-divisional magistrate by the family for conversion.
The police denied the allegations claiming that the post-morgen report was inconclusive. The cops said that further action will be taken once the autopsy report is out after seeking the opinion of a medico-legal expert.

The district magistrate reportedly called it gimmicks to pressurise the administration. While on Monday, 20 in the family wanted to convert, the number reduced to 13 on Tuesday, he said.

According to The New Indian Express, a detailed probe has been ordered by the magistrate. 

Concerned Mulsim clerics meanwhile find the situation alarming and are urging Muslim organisations to take note.