Chennai: While reports surfaced that BJP President Amit Shah had insisted that the alliance in Tamil Nadu will be called an NDA-led AIADMK, the state unit of the BJP has confirmed that the alliance in the state will be called AIADMK-led.

The statement goes on to indicate that the AIADMK is the senior partner in the alliance. The AIADMK had finalised the alliance with the BJP after allocating 5 seats to the national party.

Reacting to this on MyNation, BJP’s general secretary for the state of Tamil Nadu, Vanathi Srinivasan said, “The alliance is indeed NDA-led but in the state of Tamil Nadu, the alliance will be led by the majority, AIADMK.”

Reports also suggest that BJP national general secretary who is in charge of Tamil Nadu, Muralidhar Rao, rejected the media reports as well. He said that there was no such conversation between Tamil Nadu deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam and the BJP President.

Rao also went on to say that the AIADMK will be the lead the alliance with NDA in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK has joined the NDA and supported the candidature of Prime Minister Modi for another term.

AIADMK MLA Maithreyan spoke to MyNation regarding the matter and said that the clip which is doing the rounds suggesting that the alliance is led by the NDA was incomplete. “The entire clip needs to be played. Can’t take only a part of the clip and make claims. Play the entire clip, if need be” said Maithreyan.

“The alliance is in fact AIADMK-led. Naturally in the country, it is NDA-led,” added Maithreyan.

The BJP confirmed its alliance with the AIADMK and the PMK in Tamil Nadu for the 2019 Lok Sabha. The AIADMK had given 5 seats to the BJP, while the PMK had been allotted seven seats. The seat allotment for AIADMK is yet to be announced.

All eyes are on DMDK as both the AIADMK and the DMK have been attempting to rope it in.