Cuddalore: Accused in the murder of a 23-year-old teacher in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, was found dead in a forest. Preliminary investigations reveal that the accused Rajasekhar had committed suicide soon after the murder of the teacher. Rajasekhar allegedly sped away on a motorbike after murdering Ramya in the school premises here she worked as a teacher.

The police found the number plate of the motor-bike he sped away on. Police then informed the locals about the accused and circulated his photograph. The police said, “On Friday we received information that the accused was in Thoppainkulam. Following which efforts in the region intensified.”

On Sunday morning a few villagers who went to a cashew plantation in the area spotted Rajasekhar’s bike and informed the police. When the police were enroute, the villagers made another call saying they found Rajasekhar’s body hanging from a tree.

The investigating officer said that it looks like the youth killed himself. His parents identified the body. 

Rajasekhar was found dead two days after he allegedly murdered a 23-year-old teacher in her school premises. Rajasekhar allegedly killed the woman for rejecting his marriage proposal. He had even asked her parents for her hand in marriage but had been turned down by them as well.  

On Friday morning, the victim was amongst the first of the staff to arrive at the private school near Kurinjipadi where she worked. She
was sitting alone in one of the classrooms when Rajasekhar allegedly entered the premises and found her there. He then used a sharp object to attack her. Ramya died on the spot.

The police said that a sweeper in the school came rushing hearing her cries only to find her dead. The school management then alerted Kurinjipadi police station.