Road accidents and lifestyle diseases are killing around 1,500 troops of the Army every year. The number of deaths caused during counter terrorist operations and operations  along the Line of Control with Pakistan is not even 15 per cent of this figure.

“We are losing 2 battalions worth of troops to non physical operations every year and there is a need to address this situation,” Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat recently brought out the fact in his address to the troops.

Sources told My Nation that the main reasons for these deaths in the force were accidents and life style diseases as a large number of troops have lost lives due to heart attacks as they could not cope with the tough physical regime in the army.

On accidents, top sources in the army said that mainly the mishaps happen in northern parts of the country where troops ride motorcycles while on leave.

“They are not used to riding motorcycles on highways as they are deployed mainly in border areas or places where there isn’t much traffic. While riding bikes, they get hit by trucks or other fast-moving vehicles,” they said.
There is a need to sensitise the troops about the precautions required to be taken by them while riding bikes and other vehicles to prevent such mishaps, the sources added.

On the lifestyle diseases which are causing deaths, sources said a lot of youngsters are losing lives due to heart attacks suffered during training while diabetes and other smoking and stress related diseases are also causing deaths.

In recent times, a number of deaths of Brigadier and Colonel level officers were reported around the country and a common link among almost of all of them was heavy smoking, the sources said.

Officials said a number of measures are being initiated by the army to ensure that the casualties caused by the lifestyle disorders are curtailed and everyone remains physically fit.