Kochi: A complaint has been registered against Revathy for revealing the assault attempt made on a 17-year-old girl several years ago during a film shooting. Advocate Jiaz Jamal lodged a complaint to Ernakulam central police. The complaint states that the attacker should be identified and a case should be filed against Revathy for hiding this incident for many years. 

Actress Revathy has come front explaining about the incident when a 17-year-old girl knocked her door at night several years ago. “I was not referring a sexual abuse. Someone had knocked on her door several times and she came to me as she was afraid”, Revathy said.

“The incident happened 25 years ago. Her grandmother was also with her. They knocked on my door seeking help at 11:30 pm. Sexual abuse had not happened at that time. Still, that incident distressed me for all these years”, clarified Revathy.

“I revealed this because I wanted to point that such incidents should not happen again”, she mentioned in a press release.