New Delhi: With only a few days of campaigning left for the electoral battle in the five states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh where he lashed out at the Congress for dragging his mother into politics. He said that this dirty move only showed everyone that the Congress does not have the ability to fight the PM politically.

Here’s what the Prime Minister said:

"We are in the final stage of the elections; the BJP is happy but the Congress is tensed."

On development 

  • Bundelkhand has seen rapid development in the last 15 years, and this has not been done by any raja or maharaja, but by CM Shivraj Chouhan.
  • Numerous efforts are being made towards water conservation and ensuring farmers of this region get water.
  • The people of India are our high command. We are committed to serve them and fulfill all their aspirations. 
  • "This is not a remote-controlled government. This government is run by its people, its youth. I serve the youth of this country, people of this country."


On rejecting Congress’s negative politics

  • Urging the people to reject the Congress’s negative politics, he said, “If we go back 15 years when Congress was in power, everyone knows about the condition of Madhya Pradesh. That is why I urge the people of this state to reject the negative politics of Congress. Do not let them come to power again”.
  • “The Congress is not ready to tell what it did when it ruled the country for four decades, it’s not ready to discuss what it did during its rule in MP. It’s their four decades’ vs my four years of governance.”


On Raj Babbar’s remark

  • While responding to Congress leader Raj Babbar’s remark on his mother, PM Modi said, “The Congress does not have the courage to confront Modi and now they are abusing Modi’s mother, they are dragging her into the muck.” Babbar had compared the rupee’s falling value against the US dollar with the PM’s mother’s age. Babbar had said, “Mr Prime Minister, at that time, you had not taken his (Manmohan Singh) name out of respect. Although our tradition does not allow this, we wish to say that now the value of the rupee has fallen to the age of your respected mother”.
  • PM Modi also lamented that the Congress is finding fault in people fondly addressing Shivraj Chouhan as their mama – maternal uncle. “They do not remember their own maternal uncles like Warren Anderson,” the PM added, referring to the former American businessman who was the CEO and Chairman of the Union Carbide Corporation and is allegedly responsible for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.
  • He also reminded the Congress of Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman who was allegedly involved in the Bofors scandal.


On tourism

The benefits of tourism filters down to everyone right from guest house owners, taxi drivers, confectionary sellers, and to even a tea seller.


On corruption

  • Launching a sharp attack on Congress, PM Modi said corruption is Congress’ civility, its style, its lifestyle.
  • "No one is going to be spared. We made the law to get back the black money stacked abroad. Their shell companies are involved, obviously, they will have problems with me."
  • "Education to children, irrigation to farmers, employment to youth - this is our motto," the PM said.