Kolkata: Pathikrit Saha, a Zomato delivery guy is very popular among underprivileged children in his locality in Kolkata for distributing food cancelled by customers on the food delivery app, Zomato.

Pathikrit Saha regularly feeds the children in his locality with Chinese food, chicken rolls, egg rolls, and other items. He has earned the nick name “Roll kaku” (roll uncle). Pathinkrit has revealed what inspired him to make this move. He said that four years ago, in the streets of Kolkata, he had come across a dishevelled youngster who clearly was a drug addict. He fell at Pathikrit’s feet, begging for money to buy cheap drugs. He slapped the boy, who broke down in front of him. This worried him and drove him to try and help children and dissuade them from adopting such harmful lifestyles.

Ever since then, Pathikrit has lived up to the saying “be the beacon of light in someone’s darkness”. He began organizing study sessions for children. When he realized that what they required was a steady income, he set up juice and water bottle stalls for them.

Pathikrit Saha worked at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation but quit his job in order to spend more time with them.

He started working as a delivery executive at Zomato three months ago. A restaurant owner at Dumdum, Kolkata befriended him after he became aware of his plans for the kids. He decided to help him by sending all cancelled orders from his restaurant to underprivileged children.

Pathikrit has stated that when customers cancel their order on the app, the restaurant gets a refund for the food cooked. If the food is en route, the Zomato customer care instructs the delivery boy to take the food home. However, Pathikrit takes the food to distribute it to the kids. Inspired by him, other delivery boys too have started feeding underprivileged kids in their areas.

Prathikrit also had a message to all other restaurant owners saying that with all the food going to waste in the country, not even 1% of it reaches underprivileged children. He hopes that this initiative could be carried out on a larger scale.