“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote from Ralph Emerson's assets talks about leadership and chartering one's course while others are busy following the trademark. This is something we can see in the young travel blogger Shivangi Sharma.

Shivangi started her journey very young as a fresher who wished to live a life of a vagabond and follow where her heart calls out for. The blogger has managed to travel almost the entire graph across India. In March 2018 she traveled 29 states in 39 days via road all by herself to explore and seek the unhindered places around India crushing the stereotype that women can't travel alone as it is unsafe.

Well, along with being a role model to many creators and wanderers. Shivangi has created a niche for herself in the field. Sharma's social media page and her blog is exemplary representation of aesthetics and beauty.

The ambiance the young creator travels through speaks a thousand tales. Shivangi Sharma in her recent blog talked about the efforts that go behind creating every piece of content that is seen on her page.

Shivangi Sharma always talks about imploring others to curate content that they would love to read as an outsider. She mentions that "If I am someone who isn't fond of browsing blogs but If I find a modest account, with honest and earnest opinion and tips I would come back to it again and again even if not every day but definitely every time required"

Shivangi Sharma understands the importance of audience needs and compiles it with her dream and that gives us a perfect piece of content to look up to and adore. She is definitely setting a mark for others in the industry being a female creator.

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