New Delhi: The word ‘Hello’ which gradually came into practice and became popular worldwide with the pace of time, can be termed as a real example of true love for most of the youngsters, who although celebrate ‘Valentine Day’ as a special occasion every year but without knowing much about the spirit of real love what is required to make the occasion a complete success on this festive day.

Most of them, who anxiously wait to wish their closed ones on this special day every year, by starting their conversation with a word like ‘Hello’, are perhaps also unaware of the fact that the word ‘Hello’ was used first of all by Alexander Graham Bell - the inventor of telephone, as a symbol of love for his beloved Margaret Hello.
It is said that the great scientist had attributed this word ‘Hello’ to his beloved and tried to set a dedicated example of love for generations of the future, but most of them no doubt just celebrate this special occasion in the present times with much fan and fare, but without any true spirit or feeling for real sense of love in their lives.

Graham Bell, who first used to start conversation with his girl friend on phone with the word ‘Hello’ during his conversation, is believed to be first user of this word for his beloved. And since then the word ‘Hello’ is said to have become a specific word of address across the world for breaking silence before starting conversation on phones.
People are, however, divided in their opinion over invention of the word “Hello”, whether this was really the name of Graham Bell’s beloved or merely an imaginative character. Telephone was invented in 1876 in the USA; Bell had married to his girl friend Mebel Hubbard in 1877. She was believed to be his beloved since 1873.

The word ‘Hello’ said to be first of all attributed by Alexander Graham Bell, to his girl friend for breaking silence on phone, thus become immortal in such a way that the generations to come, might forget the name of this great inventor, but they can hardly afford to do so in case of the ‘word’ which was invented by the scientist for his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, when MyNation contacted several persons including a newly married doctor couple and wanted to know from them regarding the relevance of ‘Hello’ as well as regarding inherent meaning of the word on the special occasion of Valentine Day, Dr Rajeev Kumar and Dr Rajni Singh, expressed ignorance regarding any information about that but added that the occasion itself is full of fragrance.