We look up to public figures as our role models and style icons. With the recent trend of paparazzi spotting celebrities on the go — and these ‘airport looks’ being trendsetters — all of us want to look our best when we're about to hop onto our flight. However, even style icons like actors or fashionistas of the tinsel town prefer travelling light and comfy.

A fashion trendsetter, Sonam Kapoor has been spotted many a time without makeup in ensembles that are a far cry from the signature couture labels. The outfits epitomise style and comfort. While travelling, comfort should take precedence over style. Next time you're heading to the railway station or the airport, keep these things in mind.

Synthetic clothes

Synthetic material suffocates the skin and makes the dust and grime from the journey stick to clothes easily. The lack of breathability of the cloth contributes to the build-up of perspiration more easily. Cotton is more comfortable and should be preferred.

Contact lenses

The air inside a moving bus or even a flight is usually dry. Contact lenses demand a lot of care as regular users would tell you. One has to be on a constant lookout for dirt and dryness. You run the risk of bruising your eyes. In such a situation, it is better to bring out the inner nerd in you. After all, specsy is the new sexy!

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans usually make you feel super uncomfortable as they restrict your blood supply, leaving you feeling weak and fatigued. It is much better to travel with baggy and other comfortable clothes.

Baggy jackets

This piece of clothing takes up too much space even if you keep it in the overhead compartment. Don't bother yourself with a lumpy jacket. Instead, opt for a shawl or a cardigan if you're prone to feeling cold.

Exposed jewellery

To be safe from thefts and misplacing of valuable goods, it is prudent to not wear — let alone flaunt — flashy jewellery as it may draw unwanted attention.


Avoid heels or any kind of footwear that's tight around the toes or the heels. Go for sneakers or walking shoes. Your feet must feel equally taken care of.