Bengaluru: Did your girlfriend or your boyfriend end their relationship with you tersely? 

Are you in a state of depression, unable to handle things? 

Don’t worry! We have some tips for you. 

1.    Articulate your thought 

In the immediacy of a break-up, you deal with many emotions. It might be anger, frustration inter alia. Though many feel suppression is the best way out during this crisis, it is worth noting that meeting an expert in the field or penning down your thoughts or maybe, crying, if you feel like can act as a form of catharsis to empty your emotional baggage!  

2.    Accept the decision and move on 

Though it sounds a little harsh, one must accept that the disloyal partner is also a human being and it’s imperative on your part to accept their decision to call it quits. After all, they too are human and have their own aspirations and desires. 

3.    Don’t brood. Engage in distracting activities 

Brooding over the past is crying over spilt milk. It’s nothing more than a dead investment. Some might even punish themselves by going on a fast or forcing themselves to be hungry. That can’t happen. The best thing to do alternatively is to engage yourselves in activities that help your mind divert. It can be a tour to a place of your choice. 

4.    Stay focused, concentrate on all the good things you’ve done

The feelings resulting from a breakup can leave you topsy-turvy. It can checkmate your prospects for sometime. So to combat it, the best way is to relook at all the wonderful things in life you’ve done. There is an interesting thing to say here. You can make a list of all the good deeds you have done or been a recipient of. This enables you to be grateful to the ones who have done good to you and a feeling of satisfaction and contentment will set in for the good things you have done. 

These are some of the techniques we could think of to help you tide over the crisis of a sudden breakup. Hope it helps!