Kolkata: Whether you want to follow YouTuber Arjun Kanungo's footsteps to crack it in Bollywood or just want to get the verified blue tick on your Instagram or Twitter - music composer Shantanu Moitra feels aspiring artists have to break the Internet to get famous.

Moitra, who also composed the 3 Idiots soundtrack, told PTI in an interview, "Television is not the only hope for aspiring artistes anymore. Ten years back, a budding performer had to approach a TV studio, but he or she has independent choices now. That, in a way, has also increased competition," 

Though the new trend saves you from the reality show madness, Moitra also admitted that channels like YouTube and other podcast platforms have been flooded with music videos and clips, making it difficult to stand out in the vast talent pool.

The national-award-winning music composer said, "The web platforms are filled with new content - both good and bad. The audience should be able to choose between the two." 

Making it big on the Internet is a more lucrative option considering music directors work under various constraints these days. He said, "Now, just one or two lines of a song are used in a film. The tradition of lip-syncing (in playbacks) has almost stopped. Songs are no longer vital to the storyline. But this could just be a passing phase."

However, he also seemed partial to East India when it came to finer quality of music. According to him, Bengal has been instrumental in producing many promising actors, composers and directors for Bollywood over the years.

"Bengal has people with finer sensibilities. I think this fact is sometimes forgotten by Bengalis themselves. As a Bengali born outside the state, I know that barring Kerala, this practice of taking training in classical music at home is not common in other parts of the country," he added.