Let's admit it, there's some part of us that lives in denial. Living in the realm of not believing in things makes us feel better about ourselves. However, there's a flip side to living in denial. This state of mind doesn't allow a person to grow, much less accept themselves for who they really are, flaws and all. According to psychologists, there are some common lies people around the world tell themselves so that they can get through the day. 

Most of these lies make people hopeful about their future and unfortunately, doesn't really make them work hard for it. Here's what people tell themselves and actually believe it: 

I can control any situation

There are some things that are above a person's ability to control. The weather, roads, unexpected changes at work, etc, are just a few examples. Instead of being a control freak, learn to practice acceptance. This will allow you to be comfortable in situations that are uncomfortable. 

I don't judge people

All of us judge people's actions, clothes, work, etc. However, exercising compassion while you judge can make a whole lot of difference. This will also enable you to exhibit empathy. 

I don't have time

The problem with this lie is that the person saying it knows it’s untrue. There's always time to do things if we want to make room for it. Instead of saying this, understand why you're not able to make time for a certain activity, whether it’s going for a run or spending quality time with family. 

I'll save later

You don't have to be a miser, but if saving money is what's on your mind, then start early and make it a practice every month. The only way you can live in any unexpected place in the future is by having a back-up.

I can change a person

Most people in toxic relationships believe that their partner will change in the future. However, it’s important to know that a person will change only if he/she is willing to work on it.

My intuition might be wrong

It most probably isn't. Our body actively responds to events and people. If your gut feeling is that someone is doing wrong to you, then try to find out more about it, or dissect it using your rationale. 

Diet alone will make me thin

That's only because people don't want to make the effort to go to a gym. Being fit and healthy requires a well-rounded approach.