In a recent interview with MyNation, Sangram Singh spoke to MyNation about the recent Lok Sabha Election, and the crucial role the government plays in strengthening the nation. He also spoke up about his fiancée Payal, and her activeness on social media.

What is your take on what has transpired this election season?
I personally believe that every citizen should vote for the country and not for personal benefit. According to me the people should choose a government that strengthens the nation and takes the nation forward. I hope that the deserving party wins. In today’s time, it feels like politicians end up winning while the common citizen loses. Based on the people I have spoken to in the places I have visited, I feel that the Modi government will rule again.

According to you, what are the qualities of PM Modi that sees him drawing strength from people?
First of all, I admire how PM Modi works tirelessly and continuously. In whatever he does he ensures that he makes a detailed study about it. I feel that he pays a lot of attention to detail in whatever he does. Whatever he says, he says on behalf of the nation and for the nation. He remembers our old leaders, freedom fighters and draws inspiration from them. Another thing which impresses me about Modi ji is that he is till enthusiastic and active even at this age.

What qualities of Rahul Gandhi stand out for you?
I respect the fact that Rahul Gandhi is well-educated and that he is a very mature person. He makes sure he consults his party before taking any steps. I feel that he has evolved as a politician and now has a higher knowledge and a deeper understanding of politics. I believe that if given a chance he can prove his skills.

Payal is very active on social media and expresses her views clearly, how do you deal with this?
I’m not a social media person. Everyone has a different opinion and I think we should respect everyone’s opinion. I haven’t seen Payal’s video where she spoke about Nathuram Godse. I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It might be correct according to her. It’s her choice.

What’s new for you?
The upcoming project is a radio show called Be a Champion with Sangram Singh. I’m also hosting a seminar to motivate school kids, college students on June 10. The seminar is titled ‘Jeetenge Hum with Sangram Singh.’ It will also involve defence classes and demos.

Article By Kulsum Fathima