A recent viral trend on TikTok has sparked a surprising discussion about how hairstyles can influence the tips servers receive. It all began when Sam McCall, a server, decided to test out different hairstyles during her shifts to see if it affected her earnings. Her experiment yielded intriguing results.

Sam started with a colorful headscarf one day and received $310 in tips. The following day, she tried Dutch braids, and her tips increased significantly to $428. On the third day, she opted for a messy bun and still managed to earn $392. However, it was when she tried yet another style and made $465 in tips that the trend really caught fire online.

The concept quickly gained traction, with many viewers chiming in on the impact of server appearances. Comments revealed a preference for tidy hairstyles among patrons, suggesting that a server's presentation can indeed influence customer satisfaction and generosity.

This isn't the first time hairstyles have been linked to tip earnings on TikTok. Another user shared how different types of pigtails affected her tips, starting from $155 for a normal ponytail to $283 for French braid pigtails. The trend has sparked widespread interest, with many agreeing that certain hairstyles seem to attract bigger tips.

As discussions around customer service and presentation continue, the "server hair theory" remains a hot topic, demonstrating the power of personal appearance in the service industry. Whether it's a headscarf, braids, or pigtails, servers are finding that a little hairstyle experimentation might just pay off in more ways than one.