New Delhi: As actor Ranveer Singh's fire rap verses in Gully Boy teaser take over the Internet, it's time to take stock of the OG Gully Boys. From rappers Divine and Naezy in Mumbai to Adiacot in Kolkata and Seedhe Maut in New Delhi, check out these rap acts from desi hoods. 

Fast paced verses about everything under the sun such as political issues, gossiping aunties and more, this is just what you need to bring your playlist to life.

Bik Gayi Hai Gormint- Adiacot

Turning the catchphrase meme into a political discussion, this rap trio from Kolkata spitfire about Majerhat bridge collapse, GD Birla school student molestation case, ATM frauds, Saradha group financial scam and more. With verses such as 'Har ek jaan ki keemat jo paanch lakh, humari mukhyamantri filhaal faraar'...Adiacot, comprising emcees EPR, Hulkyboyy and El Deepo, keep it very real. In fact, the rap act has also released a diss track Gully Mein Apne Kutta Bhi Sher Hai, a dig on the Mumbai hip-hop scene and rapper Divine.

Shaktimaan- Seedhe Maut 

Kya hai tera naam, kya teri pehechaan hai?
Kya hai
teri kom, tu kiski santaan hai?
Na tu Shah Rukh Khan hai na hi Salman hai
Tujh jaise yaha dhool hai
Ye Registaan hai

A pumped-up version of Indian middle-class, Shaktimaan, is an offering of Delhi-based bilingual rap act, Seedhe Maut by ENCORE ABJ and MC CALM.

Mere Gully Mein- Divine ft Naezy

The rap to riches story of this duo inspired the Bollywood biggies to rep Indian hip-hop music scene. And, this is the track that started it all. Inspired by the Mumbai chawls, check out the track.
Dekho tho idhar
Mere gully mein hai ghar
Chote chote lekin zara dekho
Dil mein hai jagah beshumaar
De pukar
Kabhi bhi gully se madad dene ko tayaar

Class-Sikh Maut Vol. II- Prabh Deep x Seedhe Maut

Teri Tehseeb Ki Tehni Jo Tooti To Samjho Ab Hogi Ladayi- If you ever wondered what is in the belly of Delhi, then listen to this track. From the spineless media (Hogi Famous Story Kyuki Media Khohli), nepotism in entertainment (Dhyaan Paise Pe Zyada Aur Kala Pe Kamm, Bas Kya) and call for a rap battle, of course, singer Prabh Deep collaborates with Seedhe Maut for this track. 

Legalize It- Dopeadelicz

Tamil, Hindi, English and Marathi- this stoner rap crew from Dharavi has its priorities right. Fun with a message, Legalize It, is a love song for marijuana. 

I'm doping and I don't sniff cocaine 
THC is much safer than nicotine
Cobain said drugs are a waste of time
Jim told drugs are a bet with your minds