Netflix India has found their blue-eyed girl in actor Radhika Apte and while the netizens have found their next Internet meme subject. Tagged as 'Radhika Apte Netflix Favouritism Memes,' these viral jokes are doing the rounds and we can't even with them. The actor has been a part of popular original series on the website such as Sacred Games, Lust Stories and Ghoul to name a few. 

While one can't really dismiss Apte's acting chops, the audience seems to be in a dire need of a fresh face. Here are some of the memes doing rounds on the Interweb:

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It may be safe to say the Radhika Apte is the unofficial mascot for the streaming website. 

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Some viewers took Apte's popularity on the portal as a prophecy coming true.  Image may contain: 1 person, text

If you thought these were funny, turns out Netflix India has the same opinion. The portal's Twitter account has also joined the 'Radhika Apte Netflix Favouritism Memes,' with their sassy one-liners on the topic. 

Because when you can't beat them, you should just join them. 

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