While you may have already kicked off the festive week of Navratri from October 10, did you know there's an auspicious hue for each day too? The word Navratri in Sanskrit means ‘nava’ (nine) and ‘ratri’ (nights) signifying nine days of celebration of the nine forms of Goddess Durga as per the Hindu calendar.

"Each day of Navratri celebrates a certain incarnation of the goddess. And according to a custom, each day has a colour attached to it," says Suneet Kharbanda, co-founder of fashion brand Lakshita. So, here are his picks of outfits to rock this festive season. 

Day-1: Pratipada

Colour: Yellow
The colour that represents energy and happiness, is an appropriate colour to start Navratri for the year 2018. 

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Day-2: Dwitiya

Colour: Green 
On the second day of Navratri, celebrate nature with light and dark shades of this hue. Green in all its shades imparts soothing vibes, harmony and fertility and so, is called the colour of nature. 

Day-3: Tritiya

Colour: Grey

On this day the incarnation of Parvati, called Shailputri, is worshipped. Shailputri represents purity and nature. To give a break from those traditional wear, one can try hands a grey outfit to get on the classier side.

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Day-4: Chaturthi

Colour: Orange

This colour radiates energy and is also associated with emotions. The day 4 of Navratri can be celebrated with this bright shade that also represents creativity and enthusiasm.

Day-5: Pancham

Colour: White 
The colour that signifies perfection, purity and peace is perfect for Navratri. White outfits would do even well at the workplace.

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Day-6: Shashti

Colour: Red 
A perfect colour for any Hindu festival in India that signifies power and brightness. So, on day 6 of Navratri, indulge in this powerful colour.

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Day-7: Saptami

Colour: Royal Blue 
A royal blue coloured outfit makes you feel good. Apart from being the common colour of casual wear among youths in colleges, people also wear this colour on festive days. 

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Day 8: Ashtami

Colour: Pink
If you are fond of colour pink, let yourself blossom with this playful, sweet, and cute colour this Navratri

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Day-9: Navami

Colour: Purple 
Let celebrate the last day of Navratri with the colour that symbolizes luxury and power. Purple will be a right pick for the 9th day of Navratri.

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