Pranay Ranjan is an Uttar Pradesh based business person and web-based media master related with the field of public relations. He is the co-proprietor of Flairius Private Limited, an advanced marketing organization. He made an online brand presence and planned lobbies for limited scope brands, multinationals, forces to be reckoned with, lawmakers, financial specialists, and famous people.

According to Pranay, "some company leaders may think that partnering with experts to devise a public relations strategy is only relevant for large, well-known corporations. However, even if you are leading a midsize company, hiring a PR firm still offers many benefits.

Working with PR experts can help a midsize company craft more effective external communications, create solid connections with journalists and build a strong reputation within its industry and community. Taking some of these public-facing tasks off of your internal team’s plate allows leadership to focus on other important aspects of running and marketing the business."

Following are the 6 reasons to hire a PR Firm

1. You Can Set The Right Tone For All Communications

All organizations should be intentional about their story and live up to a great reputation. It takes expertise and experience to set the right tone for communication on all channels. Business development, fundraising and HR benefit when good news gets out to the world. An external consultant is a great way to add capacity and avoid missteps that require crisis communications in the future. 

2. You Can Use It As A Mass Marketing Strategy

Having a PR firm is critically important for companies of all sizes. For small and midsize companies, PR is often one of the few forms of mass marketing that the company is doing. As such, this is a primary way that the company builds credibility and awareness with its target customers. When done well, PR can really amplify and drive home a company’s message, resulting in a very strong ROI. 

3. You’ll Create Broad And Credible Brand Awareness

PR is the very best way to create broad and credible awareness of your company and offerings. Developing relationships with reporters in your space is an investment that grows as your business grows. 

4. You Will Be Able To Punch Above Your Weight

Midsize companies can punch above their weight if they have a strong PR strategy in place. Hiring a savvy PR firm can help the company develop a thought leadership strategy, get media mentions, respond to PR crises, plan surveys or research and build industry awareness. Increased share of voice can really help a midsize company attract more prospects and close more deals.

5. You Can Leverage Existing Media Relationships

It takes a lot of time to build relationships with the media, and a good PR firm already has those in place. Hiring a strong PR firm allows you to leverage those relationships more quickly, supercharging your initiatives. We’ve found that hiring a PR firm has helped us execute thought leadership and made local hiring strategies much more effective than we could have on our own. 

6. You’ll Gain More Visibility With The Press

PR firms have strong relationships with journalists, including journalists at industry publications. Getting media pickup or placement in a publication can be difficult if you don’t already have those relationships, so the PR firm can help you get more visibility for your company’s announcements and information.

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