Indeed, Vlogs are engaging that provide viewers with a great way of experiencing the world through the vlogger’s eyes and ears. It’s a great start to pour your adventures into vlogs passionately. Jake Sitlani has created his Himachal tour vlog and shared his adventures to the world from his eyes that is entertaining and generally easy-going and fun to watch. Jake visits some of India's most popular tourist destinations and assesses the country's many attractions. He documents every detail of his travels and exploits on his YouTube channel, as well as a preview of them on his Instagram account.

Recently Jake visited Jakhu Temple which happens to be the HIGHEST point of Shimla! Generally, people trek up to this temple sitting on the peak. There is also a 108 ft Idol of Hanuman statue at a sea level of 8,000 ft which is 2550 Meters up as Hanuman watches over the entire Shimla! After that, they headed towards Kufri to check out the Adventure activities and explore the mesmerizing views, Eat HOT HOT MAGGI & drink cutting chai to an amazing view up the hills! The majestic hills provided the backdrop of this picturesque hill station offering sweeping views of the land as they went up.

Just like every hill station even Shimla too has a charming mall road. They walked the entire Mall Road in Shimla which is popularly famous in the name of pedestrian-friendly road strewn with beautiful churches and quaint cafes for people to explore. They tried the famous street foods such as Butter corn, momo’s, Pani Puri & fruits! Himachal Pradesh is a heavenly abode that none can forget once visited and the mall road that meets the ridge road at Scandal point which seems perfect to enjoy the sunset from. In the vlog, Jake is seen admiring the friendly and cooperative behavior of the hotel staff and the chef who is always ready to serve the customers at every time.

Jake says “Undoubtedly Shimla is the most popular holiday destination in India and it provides a plethora of activities for people to enjoy here and all of us have had the best experience staying here. We have partly explored the city on foot and experienced those pristine ice-covered places that can anytime inspire romanticism in any traveler. Kufri hill is worth a mention as its beauty had brought a smile to each one of our faces”

The unrivaled beauty of Himachal Pradesh cannot be captured by mortal eyes, but seeing the majesty of this place may perhaps get everyone closer to feeling the mystical spirit of this popular tourist destination in India.

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