Hasnain Nawaz was once a struggling soul. His small-town roots gave him no room for error, and his life was a never-ending string of disappointments. He felt sad and disappointed when he got laid off from his job.

He'd worked so hard for that company—he'd kept up with their new technologies and processes, he'd learned all the ins and outs of their business model, and he knew how to make sure they stayed on top of their strategic goals. But then they cut him loose.

He lost his job in a bad economy, but he refused to give up and let it define him as a person. Instead, he decided to take control of his future and build his career—and in the process, he started seeing a whole new world open up to him.

Today Hasnain is an example for the youth who are looking for inspiration from someone who has made it happen despite having nothing but heartbreak to show them how they can do it too.

Early Education & Career

Hasnain Nawaz's early life and education were not the typical paths to success.

In 2014, he enrolled in the Associate Engineering Degree program at a local government college. Not only did he fail to make it into an engineering school, but even if he had gotten in, he would have had a hard time finding a job as an engineer. He was simply not suited for that kind of work.

So Nawaz chose a different path: computer science classes at the university and diplomas in IT subjects from the same college. There he learned PHP software development and SEO—the skills that would help him later find his first job as a computer operator for Pepsi.

He then moved on to one of his country’s top eCommerce agencies, where he did more than just operate computers—he brought in revenue for the company and helped them improve their product offering.

Laid Off From Job

Hasnain Nawaz was a rising star at his company, and he had been there for years. He'd done everything the company asked of him—he was always on time and always prepared. But that wasn't enough for the company. 

Nawaz was heartbroken by the news, but he tried not to show any emotion in front of his coworkers or boss because he knew how important it was to keep up appearances. He thought about how much he'd given up to be successful at his job—his health, his family time, even sometimes just the simple joys of life itself—and he wondered why someone would destroy someone so good at what they did.

It took some time for Nawaz to realize that this isn't about him; it was about the company's agenda and its desire for power over others through deception and manipulation. But when he understood that, it helped him realize that no matter what happens in our lives… no matter how hard it gets, we can't let ourselves become the villains in our own story. We have to fight for what's right and protect our values, even if it means standing alone against the tide.

It was after this experience that Hasnain decided to work for himself and become an entrepreneur. He started his first company and began working on projects that were more aligned with his values, and he didn't let anyone tell him what to do or how to think.

Initiating a Bold and Risky Venture

Hasnain was a young man who had just been laid off from his job. He was able to keep his spirits up and didn't lose hope in life. He always knew that he would be able to find another job and he kept trying to do the best with what he had.

He decided to launch his eCommerce-based services to survive without money. It was not easy at first, but soon he started receiving more clients and gained more popularity among his clients as well as among people in general. The hard work paid off when they finally landed a high-paying client and a series of clients started afterward. Now he could afford his dreams as his Boss!

"It wasn't until I started working on my own eCommerce business that things started to fall into place. It's funny how things work sometimes—those who have faith and determination never give up when they feel down. And when you have nothing but your own will to win, success comes naturally because nothing is standing in your way!," says Hussy.

Hasnain’s Current Achievements & Success

Hasnain Nawaz has become a successful entrepreneur, and it all started with one simple idea.

As he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, Hasnain realized that there was a glaring gap in the eCommerce industry.

With this in mind, he created Online Wave, which provides eCommerce services to clients worldwide. The company provides services that are tailored to clients' needs, and it takes pride in its ability to deliver results. Hasnain Nawaz’s journey from being an online entrepreneur to the owner of a successful business has been one filled with challenges but also full of rewards.

Hasnain is also an Amazon affiliate marketer who earns from Google Adsense as well as via reselling products on eBay and selling them directly from his website. He has also been able to build a luxury home for himself with its swimming pool, gymnasium, and tennis court—all within walking distance of his office.

"I remember when I was just a dreamer. I was sitting at home, dreaming of what the future could hold for me.

Now I am living my dream—as an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor to young people who want to make their mark in the world."

In his free time, he teaches skills to the youth to make them independent and able to live their lives without depending on anyone else.

For example, Hasnain Nawaz has created a website called HNPDFTools that allows users to convert files from one format to another for free. The purpose of the website is to serve as a resource for unemployed and undergraduate youth in dealing with financial hardships. Because of the high demand for converting files from one format to another, many people are willing to pay someone else (like you) to do it. You can use this site for that purpose, and you will earn money.

You can follow Hasnain Nawaz on FB, Instagram, Twitter @rimrhussy, and Snapchat @imrhussy.

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