In September of last year, Tina participated in Mrs. India - Pride of nation contest, where she went through 5 days of rigorous grooming sessions and bagged one of the top 5 spots as well as Won the title of Mrs. Fitness Freak. 

After her swift success, Tina caught everyone’s attention in the industry, and offers for modeling opportunities came her way. Tina has appeared in shoots for Lakme Academy and numerous wedding dresses and makeup spreads, to date. At the moment, Tina is working on modeling projects for e-commerce and television advertisements, and music videos.

Recently, in April, Tina participated in an online contest - Mrs. Fame Queen 2020 organized by Reddwings Productions - where she secured the second runner up spot. Mrs. FameQueen 2020 was a talent and fashion show held over the internet to provide a platform to married women where they could compete and showcase their talents and style without breaking social distancing rules. 
Tina is now all set to appear as a finalist for the She Universe 2020 International, another Reddwings Production show, to be held in Dubai later this year. She Universe 2020 is a follow up to 2019’s Mrs. India global.

Despite all the shine, that success brings, the road to success is not a smooth one. The same was the case for our Tina. 

Pregnancy and impending motherhood is a big source of stress for women. Changes in the career field, social spheres are the ones that are fairly talked about, but the changes that the female body goes through during this period end up on the dark side of the moon.
Tina has always been passionate about health and fitness when she got the good news, the fear of having to give up the hobby of Gymming also crept up.

Tina took her own decision and continued her workouts in the capacity that her rapidly changing body would allow. Even more unorthodox was her decision to adopt her fitness regimen once again.  The challenge here was, balancing her exercise and diet without affecting her child’s much-needed breastmilk. But fitness and health were Tina’s forte so she expertly managed everything and within a year got back into shape, lost 25 KGs, and won her much deserved title of ‘Fitness Freak 2019’ at the ‘Mrs. India - Pride of Nation’ contest