Mumbai: While model and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares' #MeToo story gave many women hope to fight back their aggressors, some aren't too happy with her revelations. 

She had accused Seth of forcibly kissing her to which she reacted by biting his tongue really hard in anger. The model took to Facebook to share her harrowing account where she fought back Seth but was later taken away to be 'calmed down.' 

Soares, once again, took to Twitter to share a witty comeback for all the haters and anti-Me Too brigade saying that she would open a biryani stall since she is not receiving any assignments after her sharing her story. In a cleverly worded post, she changed the name of all the cuisines usually sold in a biryani stall to match the popular accused in the Me Too movement. 

Meanwhile, her post has gathered a lot of attention with fellow model Sonalika Sahay also sharing it on her own Facebook timeline.