With his years of experience and strong contacts, Mahdi Parsafar is all set to change the life of bodybuilders in Iran. He wants to give them global exposure and has been working for years to achieve the same.  

Mahdi is a sports manager. He has a greater understanding of bodybuilding and also knows who is the best in the same. So far, he has changed the lives of many native bodybuilders in Iran. The journey of being such a popular sports personality in the country wasn't easy for Mahdi Parsafar. But he trusted his path, dreamed big and worked for the betterment of the country and all the talented sportsmen in Iran.

All these years of popularity, talent and achievements helped him to be known all around the world. With his connections, he made sure the bodybuilders in Iran gwt an American visa. He wants them to be a part of Mr Olympia, a huge bodybuilding competition in the USA, in which he came third. He thinks that it's a great platform to represent more Iranian talent there. 

"Iran us full of skilled, powerful and dedicated bodybuilders. They are doing very well in the country.  It's time for them to shine internationally and get the recognition they deserve," said Mahdi Parsafar about changing the face or bodybuilding