Juggy Sandhu is no longer an unknown name in Mumbai. All thanks to his strong presence in the Nightlife of Mumbai city that has turned it around for him. He entered Mumbai about four years ago when and took a plunge in the nightlife by a storm making the city go sleepless in a different way.

He is a dynamic singer and rules the youth community in Mumbai and around. He performs at all the leading bars and clubs of Mumbai thus winning countless hearts making many of his fans particularly the young female music longer. With his soothing voice, he has now emerged out as the highest-paid music artist in Mumbai's music industry.

Hailing from a simple family, raised primarily by his grandfather, Juggy started singing at the tender age of ten. He sang at places like Gurudwara and turned an instant hit there. This is when he realized music was his true calling. Under the guidance of his grandfather, he started singing Punjabi songs, while he remained the student of Commerce with a zest to explore the auto industry as well. Hence he started his entrepreneurial journey in the auto industry embarking with a store and a center for car accessories and modifications. 

On gaining success in his enterprise, he kept his passion for singing and music alive. He started singing at Karaoke Bar in its six-month night shows. He participated with his three-member band in 2015 with guitarist and percussionist and impressed the audience with the innocence in his voice along with the uniqueness in it. His soulful songs with a unique voice and style made him a singing sensation overnight. His song Ghar Aaja recorded 15 million organic views on YouTube in 2018. 

This soon helped him generate a good fan base and so far he has performed in more than 1500 shows in just four years that speaks a lot about his popularity and dexterity. His music is enjoyed by people of all age groups inspiring everyone with his unique and soothing voice. However, amidst all this when he inspires millions of souls in Mumbai and other places, he lost his inspiration - his grandfather. As it was him alone who shaped his life and made him what he is now. He misses him and is trying to cope with the loss but still aims to make him proud with each achievement.