Communication is key to a successful relationship. May it be a personal or a professional bond, communication has always played a major role in building the alliance strong.

With the years passing by, the way of communication might have changed but its significance remains still. An entrepreneur from Pune, Prasad Nagarkar speaks and believes that everything around us is the result of communication. 

The entrepreneur who is also an influencer says, “Communication isn’t just about talking and persuading, it is also about gesture, appeal, body language and expression. So do talking even with your eyes and other ways.”

Here's what Prasad Nagarkar discussed on building effective communication skills. We communicate to share information and if a person wants to be heard and understood, one shall always respect others points of view as well.

Addressing the role of communication concerning social media, Prasad said, “There are thousands of people on my Instagram, and I always make sure that my choice of words, my images and videos aren’t hurting anyone's sentiment.”

He also surmises that consistency plays a key role in maintaining communication and retaining viewers and customers. So while having social media platforms, one must keep their post scheduled.

“Communication is not only restricted to face to face conversation or eye contact. With social media and digital platforms, communication is omnipresent,” said the entrepreneur. 

Engaging the viewers or the listeners also become necessary in communication. If your content is not engaging and benefiting them then you are at a loss. Therefore, talk calculated and be precise. 

Prasad Nagarkar is also the owner of SS Nagarkar Jewellers. He is a brand on social media platforms and has stimulated thousands of others to develop a good lifestyle.

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