Possessing luscious, shiny hair is such a blessing, but waiting for it to grow beautifully into long, luscious locks can often feel like a painfully slow process. So, if you have no option left but are forced to bear the pain, here is what you'll need other than patience to help your hair grow a little bit faster.

Massage: Oiling is the best way to increase blood circulation and also provide the much-required moisture. If you have oily hair, then apply oil once a week and if you have dry hair, you should apply hair oil at least twice a week.

Go natural: Opting organic and natural products with no silicones, sulfites, parabels, and colourant will do wonders for your hair. Eliminating chemicals will help by balancing hair's optimal moisture levels, leaving it healthier-looking and full of life.

Condition the tresses: Stay away from artificial products and treat your hair with a lot of smoothness of ingredients like coconut oil, Babassu oil, and honey. Using a natural product will make your hair frizz-free.

Avoid the heat: Hairdryer and straightener's extreme heat can be an obstacle in the growth of hair as using them for styling or just drying can make the hair roots weaker, resulting in breakage.

Secure natural oil: Try not to wash your hair too much as it will remove natural oils that nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. Just wash each day of the week for the best results.