New Delhi: PlayersUnknown’s Battleground a.k.a ‘PUBG Mobile’ —  it’s rolling out has skyrocketed the mobile gaming experience to a different level. With most users downloading this mobile game every day on their devices, PUBG has become one of the most thrilling Battleroyale games’ in the world.

In India, the relative number of users is also increasing drastically with a majority of Indian youths entirely immersed and are actively participating in various tournaments and challenges conducted by PUBG mobile or elsewhere.

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Days after PUBG started the rollout; I got a recommendation from a friend to try out the game. Though I was aware of it and played it on PC, I was excited, but after the time I downloaded PUBG in my MI 5 for the first time, it changed my entire life.

PUBG mobile became my lifeline. It became the sunshine on my boring weekends. It became my travel partner, my morning loo refresher, my office stress buster and most importantly my hangout zone where my friends and I win chicken dinners after every match.

After I started playing the game a lot, the regular updates and new maps that were released in PUBG made my phone a little upset as it stopped performing well during gameplay. So I decided to buy One Plus 6 as it was newly launched and had the required specifications which would drive my PUBG experience to crazy heights and with that, I decided I can make the right amount of kills and get a maximum number of chicken dinners.

It was six months since I had started using my new OnePlus 6 handset, which was worth around Rs 32,000. I had bought it with one year EMI from Amazon. My PUBG gameplay, my profile and my PUBG addiction reached an all-time high and within a month of downloading the game my skills were so sharp that chicken dinner was a mere thing. I was having a very merry time with my phone and PUBG.

 I was playing it whenever I got time - in the office, in the auto, in the metro, wherever I got a chance I landed in ‘Pochinki’ and started shooting at my opponents.

It was 9:00 pm on March 8, and I was thoroughly engrossed in the game as well as waiting for my colleague Roop so he could give me a ride home. I was so into my game, killing my enemies and looting their dead crates that I didn’t even notice that we had crossed ITO bridge, New Delhi.

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As we were approaching my house, we were about to take a left towards Akshardham and at that moment I was about to fire a headshot with my looted Kar98 when suddenly two men on a bike came from behind and snatched my phone. OMG! For ten seconds it was like I was about to get the chicken dinner and that snatcher just wasted my whole life. I tried to throw my monopod at them, but they were too swift for us to catch.

 My PUBG addiction cost me Rs 32000 and I can’t blame anybody. Rather I have to blame myself for taking my obsession to a different level.

The game is already in the news for all the wrong reasons and is getting banned by various government authorities for several incidents. Any addiction is sinful; it is better to keep yourself safe before it takes you in the wrong direction.

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